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Innovation is the most important driver of growth. In the digitalized information age, the way of innovating, however, has changed and attaining a better understanding of communication—as a critical factor supporting innovation—is exceedingly decisive to strategic success.

Communication facilitates each strategizing and project management process in a different stage in order to translate ideas into execution, accomplish goals, and meet the requirements of information-interaction designs for renewal and transformation in the digitalized information age.

Business model innovation and any major changes affect and concern various stakeholders within and across a company. Resulting in the necessity to (re)build and implement effective communication models to advance, compete and differentiate itself in the market.

As a new communication field, innovation communication sets new standards in modern communication management and innovation management. Specific methods and frameworks assit leaders and project managers in...

  • ... leading open innovation initiatives & research transfer projects
  • ... co-creating and shaping a new supportive innovation culture
  • ... disseminating new ideas and affecting innovation adoption
  • ... launching new products & services and engaging stakeholders
  • ... building up new capabilities and difficult-to-imitate resources

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ISEIC Management is your business partner:

  • Communication manager / change for supporting your transition / transformation projects and open innovation processes
  • Enabler of strategy work through effective strategy communication & leadership for your business development
  • Creator of communication programs to enhance your capabilities, collaboration, and technology & knowledge transfer
  • Guidance and hands-on manager of your communication activities including an integrated communication strategy and clear, consistent communication model (corporate level, project - process level)
  • Designer of your authentic innovation culture for valuable co-creation, motivation, talent development, and idea management

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